Watermark or not?

It seems like a pain..until I see post after post of people complaining.
Example: I just restarted playing in genealogy again, and I did a search for one of my ancestors and saw my photo everywhere with people I don’t know…
Reply: Well if you didn’t want your picture on the internet ..why did you put it there? What are you 11?
Example:I Jst(just) got Ancestry again for the first time in 2 years. I was so so so disappointed at how many different people had used my pictures from find a grave. Like all my lines. I know once I put them up, it’s going to happen. But some of these people weren’t that distant, I wonder why not one person contacted me just out if curiosity or to share some pictures they have. One person even put the wrong picture on the wrong person. I hate that.
Reply: Because you put it on the internet and maybe just maybe you didn’t put a copyright¬†or a watermark on it?

If you are so concerned about your rights to a photo( who isn’t just your ancestor by the way) DONT PUT IT ON THE WEB. Or if your concern is copyright/credit/whatever,use a service to put your ¬†name on it.


It really is just that simple.

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Why do we do this?

Sitting here after yet another unproductive day of searches,census and jumps from one record to another. And sick as hell on top of it.Asking for help on a FB group that begs you to ask for help,hell I am not not even asking for freebies. I am asking  to hire help and getting rude comments and “why” dont you understand DNA? I don’t know?Maybe I am stupid? Or maybe because honestly I DONT  want to understand it. I want the good ole’ days.Paper trails,census,and birth records,and family history. I want ALL that and to it be confirmed by DNA. I just don’t want to UNDERSTAND DNA because I cant.I just cant. And to be completely honest I do NOT want to.

 I am willing to pay someone to explain it to me,to find the connection.Why is that so hard for others to accept? My money,my time.Why do you care what I do?