Watermark or not?

It seems like a pain..until I see post after post of people complaining.
Example: I just restarted playing in genealogy again, and I did a search for one of my ancestors and saw my photo everywhere with people I don’t know…
Reply: Well if you didn’t want your picture on the internet ..why did you put it there? What are you 11?
Example:I Jst(just) got Ancestry again for the first time in 2 years. I was so so so disappointed at how many different people had used my pictures from find a grave. Like all my lines. I know once I put them up, it’s going to happen. But some of these people weren’t that distant, I wonder why not one person contacted me just out if curiosity or to share some pictures they have. One person even put the wrong picture on the wrong person. I hate that.
Reply: Because you put it on the internet and maybe just maybe you didn’t put a copyright or a watermark on it?

If you are so concerned about your rights to a photo( who isn’t just your ancestor by the way) DONT PUT IT ON THE WEB. Or if your concern is copyright/credit/whatever,use a service to put your  name on it.


It really is just that simple.