Why do we do this?

Sitting here after yet another unproductive day of searches,census and jumps from one record to another. And sick as hell on top of it.Asking for help on a FB group that begs you to ask for help,hell I am not not even asking for freebies. I am asking  to hire help and getting rude comments and “why” dont you understand DNA? I don’t know?Maybe I am stupid? Or maybe because honestly I DONT  want to understand it. I want the good ole’ days.Paper trails,census,and birth records,and family history. I want ALL that and to it be confirmed by DNA. I just don’t want to UNDERSTAND DNA because I cant.I just cant. And to be completely honest I do NOT want to.

 I am willing to pay someone to explain it to me,to find the connection.Why is that so hard for others to accept? My money,my time.Why do you care what I do?